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1982 The Ringed Necked Pheasant, Created by Ken Michaelsen, An Official Issue Of the National Audubon Society

1982 The Ringed Necked Pheasant, Created by Ken Michaelsen, An Official Issue Of the National Audubon Society

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Introducing the extraordinary piece of artistry, the 1982 Ringed Necked Pheasant, meticulously crafted by the talented artisan Ken Michaelsen, and proudly brought to you as an Official Issue of the esteemed National Audubon Society. Nestled within this magnificent creation lies a small chip, gently worn over the years, enhancing its unique character and revealing its rich history.

This stunning depiction of the Ringed Necked Pheasant is truly a rare find, capturing the essence of this captivating bird in every intricate detail. From the gentle curves of its majestic plumage to the proud stance it assumes, every aspect of this sculpture exudes the grace and beauty of this magnificent species.

The Ringed Necked Pheasant, known for its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, is brought to life through Ken Michaelsen's masterful craftsmanship. Each feather is painstakingly sculpted, meticulously painted, and delicately placed to recreate the vibrant plumage of the original bird. The meticulous attention to detail is a testament to the artist's deep admiration for nature and his commitment to preserving its beauty.

Aside from its breathtaking aesthetics, this particular piece holds exceptional significance as an official issue of the National Audubon Society. As a symbol of their dedication to the protection and conservation of birds and their habitats, the National Audubon Society has made this creation an official part of their renowned collection. Bringing together the worlds of art and conservation, this piece serves as a reminder of the profound importance of preserving our wildlife and the natural world.

While this masterpiece showcases unparalleled artistry, it is important to note a small chip in the tail - a mark of time and a testament to the journey this sculpture has undertaken. This flaw only enhances the authenticity and uniqueness of this rare find, leaving a story to be discovered and appreciated by its admirers.

Whether you are an avid collector, an enthusiast of nature and its wonders, or a seeker of exquisite beauty, the 1982 Ringed Necked Pheasant by Ken Michaelsen, an Official Issue of the National Audubon Society, is a cherished addition that will undoubtedly captivate all who lay eyes upon it. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of art that not only celebrates the beauty of our natural world but also supports the vital work of the National Audubon Society in preserving the diversity of our avian friends.
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